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Asset Tracker for Networks is a network inventory tool
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Asset Tracker for Networks is a program oriented to networks administrators who want to create inventories of computers in their networks. This inventory collects a lot of information about software and hardware of computers connected to the network without the need of installing a client in those computers. This characteristic can save administrators both time and money.
Asset Tracker also allows exporting this information to external devices as well as databases and web sites.
Asset Tracker for Networks collects information about Processor, RAM memory, BIOS, motherboard and chassis details, computer serial numbers, information about devices like hard drives, video cards, printers, modems, SCSI devices, network adapters, and multimedia among others. Regarding software, Asset Tracker can obtain information about OS service packs, installed applications, antivirus programs, software licenses, hotfixes, and many more.
This program can work without the need of installing a client module in the audited computers, thanks to the Remote Inventory features, which has been presented in this application since its version 5.5. Another interesting feature about this tool is that it can get information from SNMP devices that are enabled in the network, besides the inventorying of Windows computers.
Asset Tracker creates reports for the network administrators. It includes a rather extensive list of built-in reports but it also offers the Report Builder. With this feature, the administrators will be able to create their own personalized reports showing the information they consider important for their specific situations. The Report Builder implements SQL queries to obtain the information, so is a requisite for administrator to know this language.

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  • It doesn't require installing a client module on the client PCs
  • Allow to export assets details to external devices for storage
  • It can detect many computer parameters


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